College of Performing Arts

Remote Learning

Faculty Resource

This page will be regularly updated with information and resources for planning and delivering remote instruction for courses at The College of Performing Arts.

The College of Performing Arts continues to monitor and respond to the public health situation regarding the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. The information on this page is meant to guide CoPA faculty in transitioning to remote learning.

Follow the steps below to begin your planning to transition your courses online.

  1. Review CoPA Principles for Approaching Online Teaching and Learning: Spring 2020

  1. Find your curricular area on (listed by school in the side navigation bar) for specific guidance on adapting courses

  1. Review materials provided for your curricular area:

    • In some cases you may be asked to attend a meeting (to take place March 23-27) or be in contact with a department chair or area head for more information;

    • If you do not see specific guidance for your area or course, we ask that you build out curriculum adaptation using any of the resources provided on

  1. Consult additional resources to assist with your planning:

  1. Let us know if you need help: request additional support in adapting your curriculum and/or assistance with technology.

  1. When you have finalized your curriculum adaptation plans, confirm them with us in advance of teaching your first class by filling out this form.